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What is Britishness?

For my latest project at university, I have to produce a printed typographic piece about Britishness and what I perceive it to me. I focused on the weather, and combined it with language as they were both things that interested me about British culture. After a few experiments I started developing this idea (click to view full size), showing an excerpt of a conversation regarding the weather. It incorporates both the weather and the way we talk about it (“pour” is a colloquial way of saying it’s raining and a phrase that we use alot). Inspired by work I’ve seen by graphic designers Illmatic and MediaOne, I chose to lay it out in a way that would be interesting and varied, to show the variety of culture and styles we have in Britain. This isn’t the final version, I’m not yet happy with the box at the bottom and it’ll be changed by my deadline on Thursday. Overall though I am quite pleased with it.


Moon Striker

via Design You Trust

JAM Adelaide designed this creative billboard for the Adelaide United Football Club to promote their night games. The ad cleverly reinforces the night aspect of the game by having a player on the billboard interact with the “moon,” which was attached above the poster with a pole, painted black. When I first saw this, I didn’t realise the moon was part of the billboard and wondered what they would do when it changed position in the sky. I like the advert, it’s clever and fun, and combines two of my loves; football and creative graphic design.

Home Sweet Slough

I created this piece in February of 2008 whilst creating my portfolio for my university interviews. I wanted to include something that represented where I was from. Slough is often mocked and made fun of, so I decided to take some of the aspects of Slough and just explain that no matter what people may say about it, it will always be home to me. Home Sweet Slough.

The Audacity of Hope

For my typography project based on book covers, I chose to redesign the cover for The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama. Released in 2006, it builds upon his keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention, and sets the basis for what would be his winning Presidential campaign. Having to use only type was a concept I was unfamiliar with but I am quite happy with the final outcome.

On The Street Where She Lives

street2 copy

Friday night. Late. Bored. Just what was in my head.

Natsko Seki


Natsko Seki is a Japanese illustrator, born in Tokyo but now residing in London. She graduated with a BA in Illustration from Brighton in 2005 and has gone on to be one of the most exciting young illustrators in Britain. Her style fuses handdrawn shapes with solid patches of colour, often building up to a vibrant snapshot of human life. Her style is mixed media, but with a contemporary edge, and she enjoys success both here and back in her native Japan.


Visit her website here

Nicholas Feltron


Nicholas Feltron is a graphic designer, working out of New York, USA. His work has been featured in many magazines and newspapers including the New York Times, Esquire and Print Magazine. His style is very information heavy, often delivering statistics or working as a timeline. This method of data visualisation is not only informative, but ever so pleasing on the eye.


He also provides his own annual report based around facts and figures of the past year of his life, be it how far he had travelled and where, down to how many times he ate at certain restaurants. His work can be found here, on his website.