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Helvetica Cookie Cutters

via Beverly Hsu

Font fanatic Beverly Hsu has created a contemporary cookie cutter that carves out one of the best known fonts of all time, Helvetica. The Helvetica Cookie Cutters produce cookies that faithfully replicate the form of the Helvetica font, making tasty treats for the design minded. While Hsu’s cookie cutters are not yet in production, she’s looking for options to bring them to the market.


The Dunk Mug


via dwell

Ok, on the downside, you get less tea in the mug, but you save on dishes by not needing a plate for the biscuits. On the whole, it’s a great idea.

Qlock Two


via Qlock Two

This panel clock from German firm Qlock Two is all about style. It provides a cool, easy to read way to display the time. Available in a variety of colours and a stainless steel finish, it will be well suited to contemporary, funky homes. I love the idea of it but personally would not pay £800 for a wall clock.

See Through Toaster


via Picacool

Like the article says, who wouldn’t want to watch toast, well toast. We all like to think we have a handle on our toaster settings, but this would be fool proof, and safe. You could knock your slice out with a knife when its done! I want it now!