Monthly Archives: May 2010

Love Weather, Love Britain Animation

For the second part of my Britishness project, I was required to produce an animation to again describe what I think Britishness is. Continuing on for my poster, I decided to animate it in Flash. My original idea was to create a stop motion film to show 4 seasons of weather in one British day, but this was too ambitious considering the timeframe I had in which to do it. So I went back to my poster and decided to take it into Flash and have a play and this is what I got;

Click here to view

There are still a few things to change and I might redraw the rain. The sound also doesn’t seem to be syncing properly, perhaps it’s to do with the hosting. Either way, enjoy!


Xbox Controller Stop Motion

For my latest project, I’m creating a 15 second animation, carrying on the theme of Britishness from my previous project. I’m going to use stop motion as it’s something I have always wanted to try. I made this short clip in 10 minutes, just to get a feel for stop motion. It was fun and I think I’m really going to enjoy this project. Check out my first ever stop motion video below.