Monthly Archives: April 2010

What is Britishness?

For my latest project at university, I have to produce a printed typographic piece about Britishness and what I perceive it to me. I focused on the weather, and combined it with language as they were both things that interested me about British culture. After a few experiments I started developing this idea (click to view full size), showing an excerpt of a conversation regarding the weather. It incorporates both the weather and the way we talk about it (“pour” is a colloquial way of saying it’s raining and a phrase that we use alot). Inspired by work I’ve seen by graphic designers Illmatic and MediaOne, I chose to lay it out in a way that would be interesting and varied, to show the variety of culture and styles we have in Britain. This isn’t the final version, I’m not yet happy with the box at the bottom and it’ll be changed by my deadline on Thursday. Overall though I am quite pleased with it.


Helvetica Cookie Cutters

via Beverly Hsu

Font fanatic Beverly Hsu has created a contemporary cookie cutter that carves out one of the best known fonts of all time, Helvetica. The Helvetica Cookie Cutters produce cookies that faithfully replicate the form of the Helvetica font, making tasty treats for the design minded. While Hsu’s cookie cutters are not yet in production, she’s looking for options to bring them to the market.

How Many Can You Recognize?

I got 18, not too bad I guess. They’re mainly from American companies, at least that’s my excuse for not getting them all!