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Lego Kitchen


via The Cool Hunter

It seems that quite a few things will benefit from a Scandinavian touch. Munchausen, a duo formed by Parisian designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti, took a bold approach with their own kitchen by venturing to IKEA for the basic kitchen island and then spending the next week covering it with more than 20,000 pieces by another Scandinavian brand, Lego. The result is a one-of-a-kind creation that serves as an artistic centerpiece for the space, in addition to functioning as a kitchen counter. Pillard, who works with fashion house JC de Castelbajac, and Rosetti who works with Hugo Boss France Identity, formed Munchhausen in 2004. I think that in the right house, this could actually work as a stylish, modern kitchen. This recent resurgence of Lego has given me the urge to rummage through my attic and find my old toy bricks and get building!


‘Straight No Chaser’ Album Cover


The debut solo album from Mr Hudson features what I think is a great album cover. I appreciate its simplicity and the effect used explains the multiple sides of the artist. I think that its simple but very effective and is clean and modern in design. Below is a video of the photoshoot for the cover. I am amazed at the amount of photos and stills actually taken for a project such as this, and feel that ultimately the art director and photography crew on this shoot produced a great final work.

Ping Pong Door


via Toxel

Designed by Tobias Fränzel, this innovative door turns into a ping pong table when needed. After the game is finished, it goes back to being a regular door.

Ping Pong Door is perfect for people that live in small apartments, I wish my landlord had installed one of these for us!

Qlock Two


via Qlock Two

This panel clock from German firm Qlock Two is all about style. It provides a cool, easy to read way to display the time. Available in a variety of colours and a stainless steel finish, it will be well suited to contemporary, funky homes. I love the idea of it but personally would not pay £800 for a wall clock.

See Through Toaster


via Picacool

Like the article says, who wouldn’t want to watch toast, well toast. We all like to think we have a handle on our toaster settings, but this would be fool proof, and safe. You could knock your slice out with a knife when its done! I want it now!

Casa Q


via The Coolist

Nestled on the hillside in Spain’s north coast, Casa Q is a grand achievement in contemporary design. Composed of a series of offset, asymmetrical rectangular sections, Casa Q is a black obelisk in Norte De Espana. The home rests on a wood-slatted patio overlooking a pool and the town below. Inside, the home that appears to have few windows is surprisingly bright, as large skylights add to it’s architectural mystique.

I like the general design of the building, it’s quirky and the black colour is unusual but works well in this instance. The angular shapes give the building a modern look. It does kind of look like a few shapes thrown together in a pile, but I like that, and feel that it is a good representation of contemporary architecture.

Glow in the Dark Tour Book


The Glow in the Dark Tour Book (published by Rizzoli) is a photographical journal of Kanye West’s 2008 tour. With photos by up and coming photographer Nabil Elderkin, it tracks the progress of the tour from Europe to America, back to Europe, through Asia and Australia. The photos are stunning, and beautifully capture the mood of both the concerts and goings on backstage. It features an interview with Kanye West by acclaimed director Spike Jonez, and a CD of music from the live tour. I received this book last week and think its great, you can really sense the time and effort put into it and the photography is varied in style and captures some really cool moments.


available now via Amazon